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Not too much to say at the moment. Writing has ceased to be while I am suffering with the essays of doom. I hope to be back on form in about a month.

Sacrifice review

As part of my interview Brief Encounters very kindly reviewed Sacrifice, in Making Contact, published by Dreamspinner. I was thrilled to receive a B+ for my first published story.

The review can be found here.

I liked Stane’s character as he finds himself drawn to Steven, but is prepared to follow-through on the sacrifice for the good of his people. However, once the sacrifice stopped he wanted to protect Steven and would never force him to do anything he was uncomfortable with. He was very gentle and caring warrior. You don’t get to know as much about Steven since this is all from Stane’s point of view, but you know he’s an honourable man willing to sacrifice himself for peace, and who has been keeping his sexuality a secret. On the whole, I was left with a good feeling when I finished, I was happy for Stane and Steven, two noble yet caring men, prepared to put their people first, when they got something good for themselves. I think fans of science fiction with an emphasis on emotion and romance will enjoy this story.